Make manufacturing technologies and projects more tangible, and easier to plan, control, monitor and sell.

Industrial VR/AR solutions tailor-made for a variety of business areas:

"The VR/AR version of your product is like the real thing - just better. This opens up a world of possibilities for sharing your products and solutions with potential clients, employees and even investors."

— Thomas Weiss, CEO, MRstudios

Experience 3D real-time!

Click , drag and pinch to see the fan in detail. 

Add a 'wow factor' to your website with Inline WebAR

3D real-time is more accessible than you think. Using WebAR, or Web Augmented Reality, anyone with a smartphone and the link can be a part of the experience.

Try it out:

1. Scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet.

2. Tap the AR icon on your screen to begin.

3. Place and interact with the fan in your live environment.

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