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Maintenance and after-sales

After-sales is the provision of services and support after making an initial sale. This often occurs in the provision of complex machinery which might require regular or some maintenance over time. Good after-sales service can help improve the long-term brand image and brand loyalty, as well as the client’s decision to purchase. It is therefore important for companies to establish better and more sophisticated ways of offering good after-sales service to clients.

Traditional after-sales methods are limited

The classic after-sales document clients receive is an instruction manual consisting of detailed text, sometimes accompanied by drawings or images. To find what a particular indication light means, clients would have to painstakingly flip through the manual to hopefully find an answer.

Chatbots are often used these days to help customers independently with their issues. However, chatbots only work on standard requests that are easy to handle. Chatbots are not able to handle more complicated requests, and more often than not, result in frustrated customers.

Customer service requests can be directed to a real service personnel, but in more complicated circumstances, even the human touch is limited, especially over the phone or email.

AR for more intuitive and interactive service

AR technology can provide service instructions in an intuitive manner. AR can be programmed to identify certain machine parts through a smartphone camera, and overlay certain information virtually. Imagine simply scanning the indication light for information on what it’s trying to tell you.

Your AR after-sales app can also include a way for the client to communicate with a remote specialist. Through the client’s mobile phone camera, the remote specialist can identify the problem easily, and feed maintenance or repair instructions to the client auditorily or using AR overlays directly on the client’s phone screen.

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