AR Maintenance and Repair

Business Area

Maintenance and after-sales

Maintenance plays a critical role in the industrial sector, as it has a direct influence on performance, productivity, product quality, reputation and profit. Augmented Reality (AR) allows users to enhance their field of vision with digital objects in real-time, making it a valuable solution for many of the challenges surrounding industrial maintenance and repair work. Using AR technology for maintenance has reaped great results for companies such as Boeing and GE, who have reported substantial increases in productivity and decreases in error rates.

AR-powered solutions for maintenance and repair operations include

Preventive maintenance

  • AR assembly instructions for operators
  • AR instructions for service inspections
  • AR instructions for unfamiliar procedures
  • An AR compliance checklist

Corrective maintenance

  • AR instructions for servicing
  • See-what-I see – remote assistance by a specialist

Predictive maintenance

  • AR performance panels
  • Real-time data to monitor, control actions, notice disruptions, and use analytics to improve processes

All these solutions contribute to faster issue diagnoses, shorter repair downtime and an overall saving of time and money that can be put to better use.

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