AR Product Placement

Business Area

Marketing and sales

Product placement is a powerful form of embedded marketing because it allows you to conceptualise the product in it’s intended form and purpose. AR product placement makes use of AR technology to place virtual objects in the real-world. Create a realistic 3D model of any of your products and let clients or your salespeople place and explore your product in the finest detail, and in real-time. Products in manufacturing are often bulky and large, but virtual versions of them are not limited by their weight, and can be taken anywhere.

Using any touch screen device with a camera, scan the surroundings to identify a plane on which the application can place the virtual product on. After doing so, the user can play around with the full-sized or scaled product in their immediate environment – in their living room, on the rooftop, or even on the conference room table.

Your product can be further enhanced with numerical data in the form of virtual overlays on your virtual product, or with coloured arrows representing airflow through a unit, for example. To make the most of the investment, you can also include a photo and sharing function so users are able to easily take a snapshot of their AR experience, and share it on social media.

Just like staging a house for sale, seeing  the product in its use environment and engaging with it via AR creates a connection between the buyer and the product, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.


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