VR/AR Prototyping

Business Area

RD and product development

Product design and development always requires multiple iterations and rounds and rounds of testing – both of which take time and money. VR/AR technologies can change the way products are designed, developed and manufactured, and allow you the possibility of exploring all the possibilities risk-free, before making an investment.

Take agile practices to a new level

By iteratively testing multiple variations of a product in a VR or AR environment instead of creating multiple physical prototypes, the lengthy design process is shortened substantially, translating to quicker product development times. Using VR, you can change the position of handles, remove switches, test the set up with multiple experienced operators and integrate their feedback, all before building the first physical model.

Make important decisions earlier in the design process

VR and AR allows for detailed visualisations at high fidelity early on in the design process. This negates the need to invest time and money on physical prototypes until the design is finalised. Run as many situational tests as you need to test product viability, and make as many adjustments as necessary, without wasting resources.


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