VR Company Tour

Business Area

Marketing and sales,
HR and employer branding

VR provides an opportunity to show prospective and new hires, as well as investors around the company in a dynamic and exciting way.

VR company tour for HR purposes

Develop an entire VR company tour, complete with a virtual walk through the office building accompanied by a virtual colleague, or an inside look into teams working, company events and interviews with other colleagues. This can be used for both attracting talent, and for easing new hires into the company.

Competition for talent within the manufacturing industry is fierce, bring your business to life and stand out from the competition. VR can immerse prospective candidates in storylines and activities packaged into a virtual company tour that emphasises your company as a desirable place to work.

As part of employee orientation, you can also show new hires around the company virtually the minute they get their acceptance email. A VR company tour is especially relevant in times of remote work becoming more prevalent.

VR company tour for investors and clients

Wherever they are in the world, investors and clients can take a virtual tour around your company to observe its processes and functions.

Think of it as a dynamic resume to showcase anything you want to important stakeholder, to give them the confidence they need to make the decisions you want them to make – it could be anything from making an investment in your business, becoming long-term business partners, or simply making a product purchase.

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