VR Employer Branding

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HR and employer branding

Competition for talent in the manufacturing industry is fierce, which makes employer branding critical. Virtual Reality (VR) technology is changing the way companies recruit new talent and communicate with candidates, by providing new ways to communicate your company’s value proposition and stimulate excitement in potential candidates.

Communicate your culture

Showcase your company culture through VR. Develop a VR experience providing an inside look into the way teams work in your company, experience a fun annual company event, or even “speak” to current employees. If you have a strong company culture, flaunt it to attract the employees you want. VR can help bring that asset to life.

Large companies such as General Electric (GE) have started using VR to improve its employer brand and showcase its tech-forward positioning with millennials and other audiences.

Showcase your products and work processes

Make use of a customised VR experience to show potential candidates what they will be working on, in a hands-on way. Let candidates try taking apart an industrial fan in a virtual activity, or learn about the company’s entire product range in the form of an interactive, VR product catalogue.

Of course you could do all these with a video or some PowerPoint slides – but what does that say about your company as an employer?

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