VR Seminars

Business Area

Marketing and sales,
Training and seminars

VR seminars replace old ways of training, allowing for long-distance, multiple employee immersion. VR seminars are more than just webinars or video conferencing. They are collaborative and take place in virtual environments, enhanced by VR elements.

VR seminars can be used for remote presentations and seminars for small teams, to mass workforce training. The virtual environment can also easily be customised to your needs – so instead of doing a factory walk-through via photos and videos, employees can walk through a virtual factory, modelled exactly like the real thing. Survey and voting tools can also be incorporated into the VR Seminar application. And because we learn better by doing, simulations can be included in VR seminars to help employees immerse in a situation to learn and remember better.

VR seminars are an economical training method for companies with employees working from all over the world. Flying in employees for a seminar or trainings can be costly – transportation and accommodation costs can be saved, as employees can attend remotely, without discounting on the full experience and interaction.

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