VR Showroom and Catalogue

Business Area

Marketing and sales

Modern technologies deserve modern promotional efforts. Rethink alternatives to showcasing your products and solutions in print or using traditional images and videos. Make complex machinery more tangible and easy to understand using Virtual Reality (VR) solutions.

VR showrooms are not the same as digital exhibitions, which are essentially just slightly more sophisticated Prezi presentations that allow users to click around within a framework to read some information or watch a video. VR showrooms are much more.

VR showrooms involve realistic 3D real-time representations of your real product, in real use-case scenarios defined by you, that the potential client can engage with. And because it is virtual, scenarios are not confined to physical limitations.

Add a toggle feature to allow clients to choose between various temperatures to observe real-time data changes in consumption, include an X-Ray view of your machine enhanced by airflow visualisations to help your sales people explain concepts better to potential clients, allow your clients to choose from and see different versions of your product depending on their requirements. It’s like showing your clients the actual physical product, but even more dynamically and visually.

VR showrooms and product catalogues are easily expandable over time to fit more and more products and solutions. Having your product and solutions fit into a tablet or smartphone can be incredibly useful for your sales people, and for helping your clients make decisions. VR showrooms and product catalogues can be deployed on touchscreen devices on any operating system, and do not require VR goggles, contrary to popular belief.



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