WebAR Product Experience

Business Area

Marketing and sales

Web-based Augmented Reality, or WebAR, has the power to seamlessly showcase your brand in an engaging and modern way, helping your business stand out amongst your competitors.

Communicate with customers

WebAR marketing allows brands to communicate directly with the audience through their smartphones with innovative and interactive content. Customers can not only get a clear brand message, but also visualise and interact with products and services.

Create an AR version of your manufactured product, and let customers place it in their real world to view it from different angles, and tap on virtual information points to learn more about the product in an engaging way. This leaves the user with a lasting impression on your product and brand.

Try before they buy

WebAR allows potential clients to try products prior to deciding whether or not to make a purchase. A webAR application can not only provide all the information the clients needs to make a decision, but also allow the client to experience the product or service, which could make all the difference. Whether it is test driving a forklift manufactured by your company, or trying out your product’s new smart navigation panel – everything is possible with just a unique URL and a touchscreen device with a camera.

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