Hi, we are MRstudios . The leading full-service real-time 3D solution provider in the manufacturing industry.

We enable global industry leaders to make cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and systems more tangible, sellable and controllable.

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November 2020
Founded by Thomas and Morten in Berlin, Germany.
Moved operations to Prague, Czech Republic.
Signed our first client - Systemair Sverige AB.
Clinched first client from outside the EU.
Incorporation of MRstudios in Prague.
First-ever MRrental shipment. Sent to an exhibition in Ireland.
First MRrental shipment sent to the other side of the world to Australia.
Hired our tenth staff member. Yumei from Singapore joined the operations team as Marketing Manager.
Became a member of Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation (bvik), the largest B2B marketing association in the German-speaking region.
Received Series A investment.
Received grant to work in WeWork San Francisco for two months, and got to mingle with like-minded teams beyond our shores.
Moved into our own office!
Established MRrender, our offline rendering division. Our first offline rendering project was for FRICO AB.
First office LAN party.
Installation of our very own beer tap in the office.
Launch and uptake of "VR as a service" (VRaas) by one of our key account clients, who saw value in investing in industrial VR/AR in the longer-term.
Recording constant double-digit annual growth and an ever-growing team.

Since our conception, we have constantly reinvented established industrial communication patterns to set our clients apart from the competition. Here are our core offerings in a nutshell:

3D animations and images

High quality renderings of your products, systems and solutions.

VR-ready hardware rental

Full-service hardware rental solutions for your exhibitions, showrooms and events.

Meet the team

We come from and work all across the globe, but we're a great team together. We care about results and each other.

Black and white portrait photo of Thomas Weiss


CEO, Co-founder

MRstudios Staff Morten


CSO, Co-founder

MRstudios Staff Nils


Managing Director

MRstudios Staff Kirsten


HR Director

The Netherlands
MRstudios Staff Jakub


Technical Director

Portrait photo of Markus Hofmann


UX and Product Design Director

MRstudios Staff Olga


Operations Director

Czech Republic
MRstudios Staff Petra


Senior Marketing Manager

Czech Republic
MRstudios Staff Matej


Senior Account Manager

Czech Republic
Black and white portrait photo of Yumei Foong


Marketing Manager

Black and white portrait photo of Eduardo Royo


Senior Unity Generalist
and VFX Artist

Black and white portrait photo of Tobias Stein


Senior Programmer

MRstudios Staff Jiri


Real-time 3D Artist

Czech Republic
Portrait photo of Roland


3D Artist

MRstudios Staff Martin


Senior IT Manager

Czech Republic
Black and white portrait male silhouette


3D Designer

Czech Republic
MRstudios Staff Barbora


Unity Developer

Black and white portrait male silhouette


3D Artist

Czech Republic
Black and white portrait male silhouette


Full Stack Web Developer

Black and white portrait photo of Oleksandra Koschii


Junior Web Developer

Annemiek De Nijs Marketing and Operations Trainee


Marketing and Operations Trainee

The Netherlands
Black and white portrait male silhouette


Legal Consultant

Czech Republic
Black and white portrait photo of a white dog


Junior Pawject Officer


Partnerships & memberships

Your MRstudios solutions are guaranteed to be at the forefront of technology, as we work closely with our partners to drive forward the Industrial VR/AR solutions of tomorrow.

MRstudios Client Bvik logo in light grey colour without background.

Member of the Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation (German Industrial Communication Association).

We are partners with DesignRush, a platform that lists and ranks the best agencies around the world.

MRstudios Client Jetbrains white logo without the background.

We use JetBrains Rider IDE, a fast and cross-platform .NET IDE from a leading vendor of smart tools for developers.

MRstudios Client Unity white logo without the background.

We use the Unity Real-Time Development Platform for all our projects.

MRstudios Client IF LAB white logo without the background.

We mentor members of iF LAB, the IT student incubator of Interface AG in Munich, nurturing the new faces of informatics.

MRstudios client white logo Ready Player Me without background

We partner with READY PLAYER ME in the creation of avatars for our projects. 

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