Our Competitive Advantage

Specialised in real-time 3D

Providing Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions is our core business, and not a side activity. This is what we do, and what we are good at.


We understand complex technologies. You don’t have to waste time on explaining the basics to us.​

Your data in safe hands

We are ISO 27001 certified, use Germany-based servers, and offer an ‘industry first’ module, which encrypts all 3D data embedded in software applications.


We make use of our own plugins and a cross-platform development kit tailor-made for industrial VR/AR.

Swift realisation times

Our clients confirm: MRstudios develops software much faster than comparable providers, at the highest possible quality.​

Engineered from concept to completion

We support you from initial brainstorming all the way to distribution. Nearly all our work is done in-house. We never outsource data-sensitive areas.​

Quotation within 3 days

Time is precious. There’s no need to wait as we know decisions often need to be taken rapidly.

Sustainable pricing

Don’t get surprised by higher rates after project completion. We offer guaranteed, long-term rates and a thought-through VRaaS service model.

Software and hardware from a single source

High-end VR software often requires high-end hardware. We offer both thanks to our industry-first MRstudios Rental division.

Our team - diverse and inspiring

Our staff is truly international. We come from all around Europe, with diverse backgrounds, and age groups. We value accuracy and thoroughness in our work.

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