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Menerga (Germany) is one of the leading players in the European ventilation industry.

The ARdiabatic application was created to bring the company’s innovative adiabatic cooling solution to life at the ISH 2019 exhibition in Frankfurt. Menerga wanted to make its state-of-the-art adiabatic technologies more tangible and understandable to potential clients and the market in general.

As such the ARdiabatic application was developed. The application showcases different cooling technologies around a model of a counter flow heat exchanger. Users of the application are able to control the application through intuitive touch commands on their touchscreen device. Like all MRstudios’ applications, controls and user experience are kept as simple and straightforward as possible to allow anyone, regardless of age or skills, to be able to make full use of the application.

The ARdiabatic application, as its name suggests, applies Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, which involved merging the live camera view of the smartphone or tablet, with digital objects (real-life Adconair heat recovery system, data overlays) in real-time.

Using an advanced object and image recognition system, the application automatically detects and displays the Menerga counterflow HX. Afterwhich, the user is able to choose between different heat recovery systems showcase USPs, turn the fan off or on, and activate an airflow visualisation while seeing technical values change in real-time according to the different settings selected.


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