Flexscale VR



Oil and gas

FlexScale LNG Inc. is one of the leading B2B natural gas service providers in the maritime space. The American company makes LNG (Liquified Nitrogen Gas) and turns it back to gas for industrial use. To help with their marketing campaign, FlexScale asked MRstudios to develop a real time 3D application which would demonstrate how the aforementioned function takes place.  

The FlexScale VR application was created for the purpose of supporting FlexScale in their market entry, business development and sales by demonstrating their production process in a more visual manner and giving a proper insight into the functioning of their units. 

The application includes features such as:

  • A full visualisation of a ship with all its equipment and sensors
  • Information points
  • Key facts and fact sheets
  • An X-Ray view of the ship
  • Realistic simulations of various scenarios

Flexscale VR boasts a sleek and intuitive design customised for the client, and has been optimised so that it can be used on an internet browser, as well as a native app on PCs and touchscreen devices.

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