TROX Asia Pacific wanted to one-up their competitors at the upcoming China Refrigeration Expo with a new and exciting way of presenting two of their key products – the X-CUBE air handling unit, and the DID642 Chilled Beam.

The application was built with the sales people in mind, enabling them to present the product USPs in a tangible way to sell better.

The TROX AR application made use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, to place 3D real-time models of the units within the immediate environment. This gave it an element of realism, as if the client is observing the TROX air handling unit in real-life…without TROX having to go through the logistical nightmare of transporting a huge air handling unit to the exhibition grounds.

In addition, overlaying digital elements using AR technology makes the invisible, visible. One cannot see airflow and real-time data of an air handling unit, much less at an exhibition, where the units are not actually in use. But with AR, anything is possible.

Users can explore specific functions of the units at their own pace, and even look into the finest details by activating different views, including an X-Ray view, Exploded view, and indoor/outdoor versions of the unit.

The interactive and realistic nature of the app, enhanced by data, helps clients make better informed and more confident decisions, and help sales people do their jobs better.

All that is required to access and use the application is a touch screen device with a camera, making it super accessible to anyone in the company who might need it.

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