Overcome physical limitations - speed up product development time while saving resources.

Simplify and boost product development efforts with VR/AR solutions

Two workers in construction jackets looking at industrial part in Augmented Reality via tablet

With VR, you have a way to virtually experience a product on a real scale. This means design reviews and iterations can happen in VR without building physical mock-ups. This saves time and money and speeds up development cycles.

VR/AR solutions for industrial product development


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Using VR and AR, Ford designers are able to experiment and iterate quickly.

Traditionally, large clay models and 2D computer renderings have been used to help car manufacturers visualise new vehicles as they are developed.

Since 2017, Ford has been using VR and AR to help their designers with prototyping and design. Using Microsoft HoloLens, Ford designers scroll through various design changes via holograms.

A powerful tool for Ford, as they continue to reimagine vehicles and mobility experiences in fast-changing times.

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