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Apps that span over
multiple touch screens

Control your solution the way you want to

Controls and input contribute to the overall immersive VR/AR experience. There are options available for any kind of input - from more subtle controls requiring minimal movement, to traditional keyboard and mouse.

Touch commands

Swipe, tap and scroll. Our most popular solution. Just like on your smartphone, navigate easily by simply touching the screen.

Gesture recognition

Naturally control your solution using hand and finger gestures.​ We use a sensor device that supports hand and finger motions as input to your VR/AR application. Like using a mouse, but without any physical contact.​

Keyboard/ Mouse

The classic way. This needs no introduction. The control option that everyone is familiar with. Our touchscreen applications include this control option by default.

Sensel Morph touchpad

An infinitely customisable touchpad that can be whatever you want it to be. A multi-touch, pressure-sensitive touch controller that can be transformed into a controller, a gamepad, or even a video editing tool.

Beacon localisation

Control devices in close proximity using an iBeacon. Add an extra interactive layer to VR experiences by using beacon localisation in combination with our VR 4.0 solutions.​

Voice tracking

Control and navigate within your app using your voice. We translate voice input coming from, for instance, an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, into commands for your applications.

World space tracking

Make your world your control panel. World space tracking is the process of mapping large, real-world spaces and then augmenting them with digital content.

Other controls

Let us know what you have in mind. We possess a long-term experience in developing highly complex applications. We aim to make it happen for you.

Your solutions are 100% tailor-made. Include special modules to make your app truly yours

Photorealism through real-time raytracing

In combination with state-of-the art hardware, real-time raytracing provides realistic lighting by simulating the physical behavior of light at real-time rates, just like the human eye.

Language/Content localisation​

Adapt all content by yourself the way you want it. Directly access all app data (e.g. language texts) through a central cloud platform. AI algorithms help make global translation efforts a breeze. ​​

User access management

Control who uses which part of the application. Not every part of an application should be available to anyone in the company. With this add-on, you’re in full control of user access.

Enterprise cloud integration

VR/AR solutions integrated directly into your cloud ecosystem and backend CRM and CMS systems. Integrating a new application company-wide can be as easy as 123.

Sound integration

Go beyond 3D and create unique 4D experiences by integrating audio. In collaboration with our professional sound designer, MRstudios engineers truly immersive 4D VR/AR experiences.

Enterprise selection software integration

Generate high-end realistic 3D model results for selection software. Product selection software tends to produce boring, XML format or simplified 2D/3D models.


Save space on your device by only downloading content you need. Downloadable content refers to additional content (such as translations) on the cloud for a VR/AR application.

Advanced usage analytics

Make the most of your app – assess usage data in real-time. This is done through our integrated cloud platform that is fully compliant with EU GDPR requirements.

Advanced social media sharing​

Create hype – let your users share their VR/AR experience on social media. For example, users can take screenshots within the app and instantly share them on their socials.

Industrial VR/AR solutions tailor-made for a variety of business areas:

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